Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Chinese Chief Involved In Yi Talks

Chinese Basketball Association chief Li Yuanwei is planning a trip to the United States in hopes of solving the ongoing communication problems between Yi Jianlian and the Milwaukee Bucks.
"I will go to the United States in the coming days to help Yi solve the problem," Li told China Daily. "I will have a talk with Yi at the Stankovic Cup to see what he thinks."
Thankfully, it appears someone on Yi’s end is starting to recognize the urgency of this matter. Unfortunately, in this ultimate communication breakdown neither side ever is on the same page.
"The Bucks side didn't send their officials to China this time as they promised, so I will take some time to get this resolved, Li said."
What is lost on the part of Yi’s camp is that the longer he’s in a sense holding out on the NBA and the Bucks, the more pressure is going to mount on the young player to perform.

Then again, his camp wanted him in a huge market from the beginning so clearly they aren’t worried about pressure or expectation.


coach said...

Ji should just PLAY . Enuff of this posturing. Does'nt he know that he has this his chance to convert Milwaukee fans from cheese and beer to tofu and and ginseng !

alex said...

Yes, he should just play. He would've been embraced in Milwaukee immediately, and still could be if this is all worked out in time.

I like tofu. Not like I like cheese and beer though.